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Is StoneToss A Nazi? generator

Who is StoneToss?

This recent video by Thought Slime explains who StoneToss is and why he's a Nazi:

StoneToss is a webcomic believed to be a continuation of another webcomic called RedPanels. The comic and its predecessor are known for regularly including references to holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, and assorted fascist nonsense. Despite clearly being a fascist and admitting to at least allying with them, StoneToss himself claims to be a libertarian.

There is an online community, r/antifastonetoss, that makes edits of StoneToss comics favoring the opposite message (anti-fascism). Often StoneToss gets nicknames there such as RockThrow and PebbleHeave. My latest project is a generator for StoneToss's nicknames, and a reminder that StoneToss is a Nazi, in the vein of isxkcdshittytoday.com.

Find it here: Is StoneToss a Nazi?

The Writeup

This page actually uses the StoneToss font (Catatan Perjalanan Regular). An animation is used, a transition from opacity: 0; transform: scale(0.1); to opacity: 1; transform: scale(1).

The main point of interest comes within the JavaScript. I used UnderscoreJS's _.shuffle() function to pick a random nickname for StoneToss.