Ode to William Ray Kastning

A retrospective on the life of my great grandfather, William Kastning

Bonus: A Family History

Bill’s My Kirowa Journey concludes with a history of his own grandmother’s family. This page paraphrases this history.

Thomas Hancks: Born in Danville, Virginia, 1800. Died at Summerfield, Missouri, 1873. Father of Achabod Hancks.

Katherine Wells: Lived in Virginia throughout her life. Mother of Achabod Hancks.

Thomas Harris: Born in Tennessee, died at Summerfield, Missouri. Father of Permelia Elizabeth Hancks. A wealthy Virginia planter who lost his riches (and presumably slaves) after the Civil War.

Nancy McMahon: Born in Tennessee, died at Summerfield, Missouri. Mother of Permelia Elizabeth Hancks.

Cathern Hancks-Green: Older sister to Achabod Hancks.

Jabez Hancks: Older brother to Achabod Hancks.

Achabod Hancks: Born in Danville, Virginia, but moved in a covered wagon to west-central Missouri at a young age. His mother died when the family was living on a farm. He struggled to acquire an education. Described as “an honest, hardworking man.”

Permelia Elizabeth Harris-Hancks: Wife of Achabod Hancks, married in May 1863. and died October 9, 1903. A devout Christian.

Nancy Hancks: Born March 2, 1866 and died Oct 20, 1897 in Summerfield.

William Hancks: Born April 10, 1868 and died June 24, 1949 in Rock Island, Illinois.

Mary Hancks/Kastning: Born April 14, 1870 and died in Colorado Springs, Colorado on July 20, 1945. Presumably the mother of Goldie Kastning and grandmother of William Kastning.

Laura Hancks: Born October 20, 1872, date of death unspecified.

John Hancks: Born December 15, 1874 and died December 18, 1949.

Thomas Hancks: Born August 24, 1879, date of death unspecified.

Martha Hancks/Goodman: Born September 1, 1883 and died in her late 90s. Died in Rock Island, Illinois where she prepared this family history.