Thomas Hobbes

Political scientist and Fear's twin. Author of The Elements of Law and Leviathan. 𒁏


May 60, 1660

Thanks to King Charles II, who has now seized the throne and, amazingly, allowed me to stay in London despite offending the bishops.

December 12, 1651

I will be returning to London. Hail Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.

November 8, 1651

Regarding the criticism to my book Leviathan: reason is against the fool who refuses to hear it.

July 18, 1651

Released Leviathan, a treatise on the form and power of a Christian commonwealth. Pick it up at your university.

September 6, 1648

@rdescartes: As much as I would love for it to be true that the validity of observation can be derived from reason, your argument for that position makes little sense.

March 23, 1647

Just because I don't consider atheism a sin, does not mean I am guilty of atheism.

April 2, 1646

I was just given the honor of instructing the Prince of Wales in mathematics. Hope he is able to return home soon.

June 14, 1644

Met a few royalists in Paris today. They are quite devoted to the King, but nonetheless it is somewhat foolish to deny the new British government.

November 25, 1640

It is with great sadness that I announce that I am moving to Paris. There are indications that the government in London does not like my treatise on the elements of law, and thus I must protect myself by leaving for Paris.